Microsoft being stupid again

Today I was messing around with banners and shields. I had already put mending on a shield and figured what the hell ill come up with a banner for it. It seems if you put a banner on a mending(or any other enchant maybe) shield it loses that enchant. It may have kept the enchant but it did not show it in the list. The list only showed the dyes involved in the banner, mending was gone. I don’t want or need a refund I’m just wondering if this is a glitch and to warn others if it is.

That happens anytime you combine items in the crafting table. If you combine two enchanted bows together for instance in the crafting table you’ll only get a normal bow out of it sadly. Just add your mending enchant after you combine the banner/shield next time.

I didn’t even know you could combine two bows in a crafting table till now. #learnsomethingneweveryday

I wouldn’t even be using a shield if microshit didn’t give skeletons aimbot. What a stupid way to implement adding banners to shields. Rip mending book.

Yeah, you can combine basically anything that has durability in the crafting table to repair them. It actually adds 10% extra durability too!!! So, if you have two shields with 10 hits left it should give you a shield with 22 hits left when combined. (At least that’s what I think happens. You can test it yourself or look it up online somewhere)

I read this about alytra a while back. I was wondering if it was possible to add a bunch of alytra together to make a super alytra with double the fly time of a normal one.

I don’t think so lol. Or at least that’s now how any minecraft mechanics have worked in the past.

yeah, NOOOO. no such thing. and as far as the combining enchants thing. you can always test that crap out in creative if you are not sure.

Combining used tools has Always been a thing. and it does add about 10 percent to the usage combination of the two put into one.(but if one is enchanted and other is not, you will lose enchant. think of it like with an anvil.(

Got that much. I just think adding a banner to a shield shouldn’t change the shield itself as a item w/enchants. I have more than enough mending books to last me 5 years of game play lol. lesson learned.