Messing around in spectator mode

Admit it: We all hear star wars music when we speed around in spectator


Yep. I’ve had that happen.

I like going through holes

lol yeah but I usually follow players and see how they play :smiley:

never watched star wars so nah

And you call yourself an American?

lil bit

So do most of us :1 but occasionally when there’s a break in the action, I like to do that XD

I finally watched it lol

If I had a proper video editor I would shamelessly yank Y-Wings, X-Wings, A-Wings and B-Wings from the SWTA game and add them into the video



Yes dude yes!

That mario kart vid has got to be the best AoS vid I’ve ever seen.

It really has to be though

Nice editing SnIpEr. I could tell you were in spectator and just added a car and star wars thingy ma bob

You couldn’t tell, however, that the video isn’t mine

Thats Hompy’s channel, all of his videos are great imo
The scripts he shows off are all his creation :open_mouth:

lol nice


I thought I was the only one who did this when I’m waiting for the round to be over in arena while in spectator mode.