Hello. This person abused his powers and took me the right to build.
I was playing aloha pk assault server
I was on the green side building our wall and reinforced it. after like 10 minutes of play I decided to change to the Blue side because I wanted to play on a side that attacks, not defends. When I changed the side to blue and went to the green side I got the message that you are not allowed to build etc. I noticed this person MegaSHax did that command and understood clearly I got abused with his powers. He claimed I change side to destroy the other sides base (green) Although I had not even done that. I had digged less than 10 blocks to make a tunnel for me to go through to the green side.

Time happened: Sat May 06 21:25:30 2017

Hello I was the one that took away your right to build, when I entered the server I started to observe it, you were destroying some small walls where your team used it to hide and you destroy only a part so I decided to keep watching it, then you changed Team (blue) and proceeded to destroy the walls of that team so they I removed you the right to build.

I am not the type of person who abuses his powers, the only thing I do is take action against players who do not comply with the rules