Me again!

Hey Yall!
From July 29th 2000 GMT to August 4th 0400 GMT 1800 GMT I will be off to the beach and consequently not playing AoS. So I’ll be back around those times on those days have fun and live life well.

[DELTA]Big Jim

Have fun!

Later mate, have a good time! :slight_smile:

I hope you have a good time!

And I’m Back!

Well it looks like your trip was cut short.

welcome back! i hope you used sunscreen

That was a miss post PXYC, meant to say 2nd.
and Izzy, I only did on the last day lol

* Reki checks watch.
Took you long enough to say that!

that was a good topic --’

thinking about the problems in servers, the players using hacks and the griefer… -.-