is the mc server gonna be up? or is it… xD

yes also I am making on too >:( no use of this thread

Only the map needs working on and I was gonna do that until I got dragged to Canada. I might Just scrap it and make the spawn (players build) with the current theme theme. If I do I’ll have a server running (with power restrictions and you have to have an administrator vouch if your non-trusted Kinda a security thing so no one destroyed anything that isn’t theirs) for those that wish to build.

Oh okay cool.

I am making the mc server but you are making the map -.- Dude I am going to edit it too also I made the new forum for it MC aloha server discussion - Index remember most aloha admins are admins their but I am a admin their too because I run it XD k? Maddybear (Hoity bear XD) does it answer ur q? Yw if it does


ey :3

It will be up when spawn is done, the server is tested, and the technical difficulties are fixed.

Ehhh I’ll be nice, SNEAK PEAK


Scipio can I make a under water castle to make it look epic? When the map is done of course and it’s okay if you say no but nicely you know.

You can make it when the server goes up, legitly.
Just an update spawn is done there’s just a few things that need to be done and I’ll have it open for admin/invite only testing. Admins refer to the staff section for more details when I do decide to do it :slight_smile: don’t expect non trusted to be invited.

Thanks  ;D and okay  8)