Maze Mountain on Babel

Ok, you can only vote once. This is a vote to remove mazemountain from babel because it really sucks. You have 7 days to vote.

WHY I THINK IT SHOULD BE REMOVED: It is just messed up. There are too many things that can go wrong.

  1. People grief the maze
  2. Too hard to get through without killing yourself
  3. It’s too easy to camp/spawnkill because of the messed up water layers.
  4. The spawn area over water can be griefed


  1. Too easy to grief or take the tower down

It doesn’t matter the map, spawn is always griefed on babel.

I meant the thing that keeps you outta the water -.-

Lolno. Mazemountain is fucking awesome kthx

1 and 2 basically fucking contradict each other. You say it’s too hard to get through then you complain about people griefing the maze.

3 - spawncamping is easy on every goddamn babel map

4 - no idea what you’re talking about.

The only water level is 0 btw. The level 1 water-colored stuff on the side of the mountain is blocks.

Lol AWG I bet you would love it.

I agree with this the most. If there was more entrances/exits it might be decent, but with the way babel works, the offenders have the advantage in that they can elude and punch through the wall easier than the defenders.

Defense should always be easier, IMO.

I agree completely. So far, most people have voted to remove it.

I, for one, think it’s a great map. You can take the maze down below, staying more hidden, but risking surprirses and enemies every turn, or ninja-parkour your way across the top.

If it looks like the majority feel it should be removed, give it at least a week before you do so. I haven’t even gotten a chance to play the damn thing.

I’d be happy to make some changes to it, but I’m having trouble understanding some of this, if you could elaborate that would be great:

I don’t really see the problem here, the maze isn’t really navigable without punching some holes in the walls, and enemies should be griefing the enemy team’s side, it’s a big part of the support system of the towers.

2. Too hard to get through without killing yourself
Like it's hard to get through without falling? I don't understand how you are killing yourself on accident? Maybe you should stick to the floor level if you are prone to falling?
3. It's too easy to camp/spawnkill because of the messed up water layers.
I'm guessing you mean the part of the maze that extends into the water, giving cover for attackers. I think it might be smart to just add water damage to that map so people don't use the water. The maze was meant to add enough cover to begin with.
4. The spawn area over water can be griefed
I'm not aware of any area that 'hovers' over water. The spawn area is 2 blocks thick (by accident, actually), but breaking it down to one level should still keep it on land. If there is spawn area over water, it's not part of the map to begin with.
5. Too easy to grief or take the tower down
I don't know what to say other than that you need to have good defense in this map. The plus side is you have about half the tower height already built.

So some changes I think would help are:
Remove the outskirts of the maze that have walls but no floor, and add water damage - This should keep people inside the maze area and discourage people swimming around the outside


Remove the first set of spawn-facing walls of the maze - This should expose the first area of the maze so enemies aren’t camping in an area that you can’t really destroy, at the base of your tower


Some other ideas that might make it more fun to play:
add another level on the top layer, about two blocks high, so the top isn’t so much of a no-man’s land, and you shouldn’t worry too much about falling.


Let me know what you think

ALSO: this map is meant to play differently than vanilla babel maps. Attacking might be easier on this map, but building should be easier too: half the tower is already there.

That’s cute.





Please no don’t remove it! Best map on babel to spawncamp on :slight_smile:

Who voted 3 times???

Meh. A week is enough.

Well I feel stupid, I voted then read the comments, love the new improvement in the map and I’d like my vote to be a yes. Great job Danke, your work is appreciated

So… You’re saying you like the map, but you wanted to vote to remove it from the list? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the changes danko suggested been made to the final map?

I’d love to try it with those suggestions.

Also, I’d like to add maybe opening up the walls along the sides a little at both spawn points, so that players can run directly into the maze.

Well, if Danke changes it and it is better, I would like to try it too.

No, I voted no then read the posts. I realised I made the wrong decision on the vote so I want t vote yes.

Well, I dont have a problem if you change it Danke.

I made some changes and the new version is up on babel (actually playing relatively soon after this post, I believe)

Here’s an explanation of the changes:

The platform might be removed depending on how it plays.