May 2022 FSOM - Push


Pushhhhhhhhh your way into a reserved spot for May’s First Saturday of the Month event, 'cause we’re gonna play some good ole push!


  21:30 UTC



The event will be the first Saturday of May (7 May 2022) at 21:30 UTC/Zulu (Event Time Announcer - FSOM)

Both teams are open for everyone so choose your side carefully. Teams are first come first serve…

So what are you waiting for!? Sign up today

Sign up to join this event by replying below with your ingame name and whether you want to be on Red team or Blue team.

The event gamemode will automatically kick anyone who is not signed up.

You will only be able to join the team you sign up for.


dont forget the . at the end of my name

Red team, please!

always red

Good day, FerrariFlunker.

Please reserve a slot in the blue faction of this event for the player known as “Doctor Dank”.

Sincerest regards,
Doctor Dank.

Oh my god, I will be able to finally play an aloha event!!! Team blue please!


All servers are DOWN !, openSpades dont work !

OpenSpades works regardless of the master list being working or not, the master is currently not online but you can still find out servers here

Gib team red ples :rescue_worker_helmet:

most ppl just replied without specifying their ingame name. i think its important for shywolf to add ur ingame name to the whitelist. he needs to know everyone.

From my understanding I believe it uses your forum account name but I could be wrong.

Everyone who has posted has been added to their correct team groups.

As long as a user is in one of the forum event groups, they’ll be able to verify themselves by 1) IP (*automatically) or 2) /login

*The server will attempt to automatically verify a user on join if their ingame IP matches their forum IP

Yup, what shywolf said! Sorry for the confusion.

Posting your ingame name just helps other event-goers know who you are! Since the server will verify you by IP or /login, you can technically use any ingame name you want.

You can tell if you’ve been added to an event group by

  1. checking your Messages, you should get a notification when you’ve been added
  2. Check the event frame in the event post. If you see your profile picture, you’ve been added! Feel free to also mark yourself as Going/Interested/Not Going, that will not change whether the server will verify you.

Blue team. It’s on.

all added 28 APR 22 @ 0148 zulu

Red team be like:

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dont bring my angel hasbullah into this

Red team please and ty.

I hope I can make it this time. :cold_face:

all teams up to date. Event is one week from today :partying_face: so join up now :grinning: