Massive Spade Kills

Hey there Alohaers! Some of you may know me and stuff so hi there :D. Just wanted to talk about a nice little or should i say massive feed of Spade kills i just got on Pinpoint 1ctf. i got a good 10 kills with the spade until they killed me. Heres the funny part though they votekicked me for aimbot with a spade! like wth man thats just not cool oh well ust wanted to talk about that. Have you dudes and dudettes ever gotten a massive spade spree like i did? Tell me :smiley: (its a shame though i forgot to hit the f9 key to record it D:)

I once had a streak of about 25 on babel, I believe the map was holes.

They built a structure that almost made it impossible for them to spot me, and I just could sneak through it and surprise all of them again and again.

Nice Man did they votekick you as well? They thought i was hacking because of it XD. I dont hack just to let you know

No votekick, but I’m sure they found it annoying, lol.

I once had a 111 kill streak, Mainly spades, i think about over 100 were spades, it was on LDR tribes, i got that many because the enemy spawn was at one spot only, it was not spread out, I almost got kicked for hacking lol… screen shot here

The ratio was like 32 lol got it in like 15 min

Its funny how mad people get when you play just to good. My spade kill streak was at 26 if you include gun kills and what not. I mean it was in pinpoint and ive never seen someone last more than 50 kills on pinpoint without dieing so yeah but congrats on the 111 i cant believe they didnt ban you though XD

/votekick GamingFTW “VacHack”

Getting a good ratio on pinpoint isn’t hard, what’s hard is getting a good ratio FAST. It’s all too easy to just camp like a noob in some tower with a pinchstation and snipe across some narrow tract of land.