Markers by hompy now running on select servers

markers is a new pyspades script written by hompy that allows you to place visual cues on the map for your teammates. use them to spot enemies (double tap the “v” key) and display other situational markers by typing these commands in team chat: !tunnel, !build, !here

other features are intel shadowing, which shows where your intel was prior to being picked up by someone else, and radar intel, which reveals enemy positions upon capturing the intel.

read more about it here:

at the time of this writing markers is configured on the following servers:

  • capture the flag
  • ctf 24/7 classicgen
  • infiltration
  • tug of war
  • zombies

the technology today… :smiley:

umm…seems pretty cool to me

A nice addition to AoS overall…

They were on shams long ago. Well, it was either that or similar

It’s funny since this is the way it used to be before they added the colored player locations.

This is beyond crazy.

is the command for hallway?

it won’t be enabled on hallway because most of hallway is at the top of the map and it’s conflicting when players try to walk where the markers are created

I tried to run this script on my server but when I tried to start up the server it just crashed. Does it need the pyspades installed from the source using python?

yeah, needs to be built from source because the prebuild is currently too outdated

I hated the “intel tracker” and how all the enemies were visible on the map.

I like this cunning script, it really just places block high up in the map.
Anyway +1 this script.

Glad to know you’re running his script.

Will this be on the Tower of Babel Servers? I know the platform is at the top of the map (if I recall correctly) and the markers are at the same height as well…

nope, it interferes with babel, breaks the platform…

Lol, would be an interesting way to kill people on the babel platform…Go underneath them, and spam markers to trap them inside blocks.