[MAP - UPDATED] de_train

Previously this map was tested in an FSOM where it was possible to see that the map was big, and was more adaptable in a ctf than a arena, therefore at the request of several players I decided to do it again and reduce the size of the map to it be adaptable for a arena server.


  • Fixed the glitch where the players could climb in the car.
  • New colors and contrast, to make it more realistic.
  • New form of arena gates.
  • Reduction of the size of the map.


Picture of the first version of the map:


Picture of the updated version:


  • old version

[details=Click for details]I just finished the map de_train of counter-strike and currently I have only put it for arena game mode.
Update: implementation of stairs in train carriages.






de_train.rar (157 KB)

this should totally be added to cs arena :slight_smile:


Wanna play this map. :smiley:

i like the map. the map looks so cool. i think this is the 1.6, would’ve liked it to be the cs:go map. it looks good even if it’s the older version.

what an excellent remake… you really pay attention to detail. very professionally done, you’re good at this!

it’s now added to the servers, so it’s ready to be tested and played for the event this Saturday, December 2, 2017. if it plays well, we’ll most likely add it to the rotation on the csarena server.

you should update your first post with the latest version (you now have the unlimited edit time permission).

thank you very much izzy.

The map de_train has been updated! [shadow=red,left]http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=10079.0[/shadow]

Nice bro :smiley: