Map stress test

I still have a high suspicion that the lag is either the map or plugins. So what I did before I went out of country was download the Mc map (I’ll get a new version when I am back in 5ish days). So my question is would anyone be interested in “stress” testing the map? Full op status will be granted and it would be encouraged that you try to “break” the map. Specs are 32 gigs worth of ram and 4.something amd quadcore. I’m not home yet but this is a completely doable test just to see how much the map lags without plug-ins.
If your interested please post here and I will send you everything when I have everything setup (testing will run for about 3 days (I will shut down the server add some plug-ins that we have and started back up, and I highly encourage everything except for hacking).

Get a ton [shitton] of chickens within a 1x1x2 hole [ make like 10 or 20 or these]
On the same chunk just make 10 layers of auto lava update piston-lava stopper timer thingy and then fit as many armour stands as possible in a 1x1x2 hole on the same chunk

Repeat on other chunks if you want to bring down the tps

^ Just some ideas, I don’t have premium minecraft so I can’t do anything.

Though bringing down the tps would be 10 times easier if it was direwolf or some other hefty modpack

Should be able to help

If anything I would assume it’s either dynmap or a certain area of the server

This is a very old map, so my thinking is something got corrupted.

I made a battleship. load it up and use it. :3

Light a jungle on fire and watch it burn. I’ll help :stuck_out_tongue: