[MAP] Some random junk

This one’s a modification of ei8htx’s Tradeoff. The inner floors are twice as tall, and the overall shape is a bit different. I’ve added stairs inside the holes.
I’m not sure if the map.txt needs adjusting to keep from spawning in the water

This one’s a modification of Lostmotel’s Swag. It’s twice as small. map.txt should work fine

This one’s a modification of izzy’s hallway. The interior has ‘shelves’ that overlook the interior of the hallway, kind of in the style of my old map turv: http://aloha.pk/files/aos/maps/turv.html

This one’s a modification of JoJoe Stinky’s blam. The ends curl upwards (and kind of stretch a little too):

This is 5 different versions of AVuKY’s avsmallfortess. Each one is stretched in a different way.
Note: these do not have map.txt files, so you’ll have to create those to use it on arena properly. I think the gates are all uniform color, so it shouldn’t be hard to adjust. Check the readme for the original gate coords

output from a maze making script I wrote. Note: this stutters a lot on some clients, might want to consider cropping it down (carefully, voxed will crash easily when editing this map):

here’s the link to a zip of all of them:Discord


Thank you danke, very cool :smiley:

I vote we replace tradeoff with tradeoof in the rotation

some more junk:



crossresort2: crossfire2 + blueresort

binladenfire3: crossfire3 + binladencompoundv7

craosis2: oasis + crossfire2

pinfire3: pinpoint + crossfire3


this one’s called sandcastles:


i want to try them all!

would probably complement the map well if flying was allowed only inside the colosseum area, and holding a block served like a shield to significantly reduce damage :smiley:

jungle maze:
Thanks to FerrariFlunker for the idea!
there’s a tunnel maze under the map, bunkers at spawn and a few other tunnel entry points scattered through the map:


^ looks seriously fun