Map Rotation Request

Hello everyone, I would like to know if Omaha Beach can be add to the map rotation in the server tug of war

Looks like an awesome map, looks just like Omaha.
I don’t play tug-of-war… But it still looks like a fantastic map lol. I’d play tug-of-war just to try that map.

Looks fun. I don’t see why not.

Looks great now we need someone with higher power to see this…

hey Skynet thanks for suggesting this map. an oldie but goodie! i added it to the infiltration server’s rotation. give it a try, let us know how it plays out…

Wow, was totally going to say the same idea as OP!

But yea, Omaha Beach would be awesome for TOW

added omaha to tow as well

Never play tug of war, but I’ll try it out for this map.