[MAP] Nuketown

Hello everyone, again I come to share a map made from scratch, the map is called nuketown, I know that there is already an earlier version of this map but I decided to create a new version making it more similar to the original.

The map is made for arena and tdm game modes.



Has the same dynamics of the first map made, can only be played by the interior but not by the exteriors, has high walls so players are not glitchers



here if you can go outside, this map is not limited as in arena mode,  if they use the map in tdm mode they need to put the script "protect"  so that the map is firm and does not break
demonstration (this demonstration was done with nuketown_tdm map)

some catches:



nuketown arena.rar (67.5 KB)

nuketown_tdm.rar (70.9 KB)

Impressive my friend, very good. 8)