[MAP] Hardkour

aos-stuff/maps/parkour/Hardkour.vxl at main · VierEck/aos-stuff · GitHub
aos-stuff/maps/parkour/Hardkour.txt at main · VierEck/aos-stuff · GitHub

Map for the parkour gamemode.

my first (and only so far) playthrough of my map took 69:25:447 mins. (min:sec:mili).
If i used the water/checkpoint glitch it would be much easier of course, but i wanted to do a glitchless run.
If you beaten my map glitchless please post a video of ur entire run in this topic!
shortened/edited footage:

full/unedited playthrough:

if u want to play the map the same way i did u should either use DryByte’s parkour server:
GitHub - FL-AoS/Parkour-Server: FL's parkour server (not included maps)
or my modified parkour gamemode script for pique based on 1AmYF’s parkour script:
aos-stuff/pique/Parkour.py at main · VierEck/aos-stuff · GitHub