[MAP] Hallway Arena

(Original Post by Shywolf, reposting here in the proper section.)

[td]Name: [/td]
[td][b]Hallway Arena[/td]
[td]Authors: [/td]
[td][b]Kiki and Mr.Torch (gates and spawn done by me)[/td]

Here is a small new map designed by Kiki and Mr.Torch (with gate/spawn help from shywolf91) for arena gamemodes.
The map was made in game in the blue spawn of Hallway.

Here are some screenshots of the map:

Hallway Arena








The colours look amazing. Nice job on the map!

looks nice. I’m not how survivable the inevitable nade spam on this map is, though

Thanks peeps

It wasn’t bad in the very limited testing we did, but we weren’t really nading. Maybe we could disable nades on certain maps like this one?

would be possible, you could at least turn off their damage based on the map if someone wrote a script. I’m not sure how much damage the grenades even do now after they’ve been nerfed, so maybe it wouldn’t be that bad even if nades weren’t disabled.

It might be a better map for like a FFA Arena type server. Where everyone spawns in the middle and you have like 15 seconds before damage is turned on and then it’s last man standing.

Looks great dude.


Should probably adjusted for Mini-fun. Or adapted to be thicker and bigger, and maybe move the spawn point to somewhere not so open to give a team a chance.