[MAP] Hallway Arena

[td]Name: [/td]
[td][b]Hallway Arena[/td]
[td]Authors: [/td]
[td][b]Kiki and Mr.Torch (gates and spawn done by me)[/td]

Here is a small new map designed by Kiki and Mr.Torch (with gate/spawn help from shywolf91) for arena gamemodes.
The map was made in game in the blue spawn of Hallway.

Here are some screenshots of the map:

Hallway Arena










Kinda like prisonbreak

omg it so cute~

10/10 would play this.

Click for details

but no one really plays on arena except for csmaps.

Could be disastrous with glitchers. Very cool map though

If you’d like this up, remind me in IRC and I’ll chuck it in.

It looks pretty, but I don’t know how well it’ll actually play until we get 16x16 action on it. I’d imagine there would be a huge rush from spawn and then the rest run off somewhere and camp for the rest of the game, but then again… that’s basically every arena match.

Hey yea, me and my friend stared something like this! Then his computer had a brain dump. We lost it and never tried to rebuild it. Still nice idea and nice job on the. Map. Tell Mr.kIll Ki I said good job also.

Although I wish it was bigger, it is still a very nice idea.

you should add waters outside of the map (with water damage ofc). nice map

Necro :stuck_out_tongue:
Add it to arena top maps right away, I approve!

I like it