[MAP] Goonassault Gardens - Japan

guess I’ll just use this new board to release this one here:

I ripped off got inspired by several other maps, mostly a_girls goonassault and Influx’s chinatown and put all those ideas together into one map. May be another map that’s to hard on babel to allow any proper tower building but a test run wouldn’t hurt i guess ;D

cubegl renders (because they look so sexy)

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also with pink fog and platform, please no remove

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uhh, and why did i put water in front of the spawn? i have no idea honestly…

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Really awesome work [as always]! I want to see this on the assault server. :slight_smile:

Could you make it an ever so slightly paler pink? I think that pink is a little too intense and will hurt eyes after awhile, but if you wash it out like the normal blue fog is I don’t think it would be bad. Other than that, I like it!

thanks. I think this would somewhat defeat the purpose of the assault server, since most players would prefer to play on a flat goonassault map. I wouldn’t mind it being turned into a server like minit testdrive used to be though, which had a variety of different gonnassault maps with buildings on it.

There is no such thing as a too intense pink tone… :smiley:
but ok, I’ll try to make it less flashy :’(

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the good of all. Thank you for yours. It is appreciated by the community at large. :’( :’( :-\ :frowning: :’(

so the needs of the many really do outweight the needs of the few?

ok fixed.

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For a second, I thought that screenshot was taken in OpenSpades - amazing aesthetic pleasure.

looks great dude +9

Wow, you gave Lostmotel 1 less point than you did on Torch’s map? Tsk!

Hey, that’s pretty good!
Me likey.

LM, you’ve done it again!
The detailing is exquisite; +1