[MAP] fy_pool_day

I come to share another map, in this case it is a counter-strike map called fy_pool_day, the map is wide ample and everything is symmetrical:










demostration of arena_gates:

fy_pool_day.zip (5.83 KB)

It’s impressive boy, good map.

this is great! good job

I remember shooting some guys with the M3 in this map. So small you could even one-shot an enemy from the other side.

i like it!
is there any way you can make the map de_mirage or de_train for counterstrike maps?

of course, I am currently making the map de_train and it is already 50% complete, possibly ending it these days.

Replace Cs_Assault with this map and we’ll be good, don’t overcrowd the cs arena server.

maybe I did not express myself well, I’m doing the map because I had planned to do it a long time ago and I do it because I want to share it and I do not do it specifically for the arenacs server, but if the map gets added it would be great, therefore I would not know tell you if the map would be added to the rotation since I am not in charge of the servers.

another excellent remake by you. i’m serious, you are really good at this. good job!

it’s now added to the servers, so it’s ready to be tested and played for the event this Saturday, December 2, 2017.