Making my own custom map

Hello guys,

I just have created this account on, however I play BnS for 11/2 year and now I project to mount my own game server with PySnip. The only one problem is maps : I could either find some existing maps, or build my own maps. I think the second option is the most interesting.

Until now, the best option I found to make a map is launching a custom game on build mode, (with template maps as ground1, flatgray…), then I construct and I save. Unfortunately, it is not adequate if I want to personalise the ground and to change intel/base places (I also want to add rivers, water, which is not possible on custom game).

I recently found Blockman2D and MagicaVoxel, but it doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10. Do you know any program (or any other way) that allow me to build and customise completly my maps ?

I use Pyspades map editor(Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.) & voxed(Included in AoS 0.75).

You can edit basic map structure on Pyspades map editor and add various models(saved in kvx formats, which can be made with slab6) via voxed. After that, open your server with Pysnip and edit your map in-game.

For intel & cp location, you have to use map scripting (quite simple - grab some *.txt from other maps and edit the x/y/z coordinates).
You can see selected block’s x/y/z location on voxed.

This documents would be helpful too :
Map Editor Tips · infogulch/pyspades Wiki · GitHub (About Pyspades Map Editor)
Map Scripting · infogulch/pyspades Wiki · GitHub (About map scripting)