Make an Assault Maps Server!

You know how Goon Haven had that sweet Assault Map server rotation? Aloha should have that too! I really love Assault and I bet a lot of people do. It would be awesome if aloha could host a server dedicated to those maps, and maybe even have a tribute to Goon Haven somehow.

Basically, revive Goon Haven/Assault.


wouldn’t be a bad idea, actually. I would like to see those assault maps again. :slight_smile: I like how much they rely on you building a fortress :slight_smile:

You can say that it’s a Team Fortress.
Eh? Eh?
But in all seriousness, I really support this idea.
Haven’t seen that server in a while and I really loved to play on it.

Done and done, and an extra bonus live chat/kill feed on the status page:

Never was a big fan, so let me know if there’s any changes that should be made (gonna veto any dumb scripts like estrogen or dangerzones though)

You are a real darn hero, Danke.

kuuni accidentally banned baelish with a pointless votekick. What a hilarious time I had playing with all y’all. Hanging out with weirdos and you guys would literally make me laugh so hard XD

Basically what we did the entire playthrough was kicking people, having wall fetishes and teamkilling each other.
What a great time.


@Glass - That was the player named ‘fupa’ who did the votekick, IIRC. Glad he got unbanned, by the way.

Also, Danke, could you maybe add assault2? The one that’s being played in this video? That is my all-time favourite map. It would be cool to see it in rotation. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Danke and whoever else opened the server. I’m hoping to see a constant flow of new players! ^-^

I don’t want to be nitpicky, but it would be great if it was on the front page.
(The server IP, I mean.)

Yas. Admins pl0x bring this to the notice board! :smiley:

I joined the server earlier today with some of my pps and I was dismayed to see the lack of commands. I couldn’t use a medkit to heal myself in the midst of battle. I couldn’t call in an airstrike after my 2000th kill in a row. I couldn’t join a squad with my squad. All quite disappointing.

This is the first day of the server. It can be better you know.

In my opinion, most of those features are garbage. Especially the squad one. They just ruin gameplay. Airstrikes on small maps are unfair because they wipe out the enemy team regardless. Squads can make spawncamping incredibly easy and unfair.

That’s just my opinion, however, and there might be more people for those features rather than against them. Like Stradivarius said, its still in its early stages and it still seems to be doing great for only starting up yesterday.