Hi, i was just wondering whats the deal with macros,
I’m sure a no recoil macro would be considered hacking, but what about a tunnel digging macro (one that continuously digs a tunnel in a straight line).

Does any one in the community use macros?

You can already make tunnels straightly and no you cannot use macros that makes your accuracy and fire rate straight or fast because it gives an advantage to yourself but does not give an advantage to your enemies.

I’ve created/used macros for a couple things: logging in, airstrikes and medkits (for servers with them), commands like /ratio /streak /accuracy, stuff like that.

Wouldn’t recommend it, and not speaking on behalf of other admins, but I don’t really have a problem with a tunnel digging “hold down W and rightclick” thing.

Yeah i see what you guys mean, obviously macros that give you an advantage are not allowed, but macro that “hold down W and right click” would be cool cause you could leave your player to dig and go and do other things

macros are always going to give you advantages.
if you really wanted to mess with someone, create a macro that burst fires the smg (i wouldn’t strongly recommend it though because it’s considered a hack)

Didn’t Paratrooper make a burst fire macro/script thing?

He did, and it is not considered to be ‘hacks’. I remember checking with an administrator when I first found his thread (but I can’t anymore, maybe it was on the BnS forums) and I was given the green light to use it in-game.

not speaking for other admins but i’m personally ok with burst fire - mostly because having it is a big disadvantage!