Lower Votekick Threshold

Hey what would you think of lowering the votekick threshold? It’s rare for someone actually to get kicked from a votekick as hard as we try. I understand a successful kick only lasts 30 minutes and if someone finds they’re repeatedly being votekicked they can always apply for trusted.

maybe, problem is a lot of votekicks are for bad reasons e.g idiot

Hey motherfucker 8)

great suggestion, I agree with DemonDestronker here, sometimes people are votekicked and everyone else hops on the bandwagon. That being said and as you said, people can always apply for trusted!

since votekick isn’t used in a smart way i think the period votekick blocks you from the server should be lowered to 15 or maybe 20 minutes. also from what i seen there are often a cheater on when the server are almost full that won’t get kicked because not enough people votes, but a lot of players get kicked when there’s 10 - 15 people online, i think this can be solved if you reduce the number of required votes with 20 % when there’s more than 24 players online.

also it are wrong that you get blocked from all aloha servers if you get votekicked from one, that’s braindead and must be removed because people often get vote kicked from arena for smg or being annoying, wich isn’t a problem on babel or tug of war

reduce the number of required votes with 20 % when there's more than 24 players online.
Actually, I like that idea. Lowering votekick threshold as more players join the server would be a neet thing if someone could script that.

also there are the trusted function disrupting the purpose of votekicks, this since plenty of people have abused it multiple times, and some still allowed to do so, this is very problematic. this players can become abusive at any time.
but now it’s there to keep players that often get votekicked because people think they cheat while they actually don’t. so the only solution of this problem is to increase the votekick limit to around 95 % of the player except themselves, so it’s not likley they will get banned unless they’re doing something really bad, but they are not either immune to votekicks

this isn’t only for the reason of cheaters, it are also because when it’s getting more crowded there’s likely often someone digging tents, trapping teammates, helping enemy team or plugging the bridge. and many players on the opponent team don’t play fairly and votes yes, so that can be a big problem too…

The point of Trusted is that we trust them of not displaying disruptive behaviour in the first place.
Thats a lot a trust which needs to be earned. The trusted status does not get tossed around like nothing. Its highly unlikely someone abusing it.
If you do encounter a trusted player abusing his status however you are free to report and even gather evidence on them.

Lowering the votekick percentage sounds good on paper but it may cause more harm than we would think. If there are people causing a major issue the votekick will probably go through and if not, you can always @mention someone on the Discord (of course that doesn’t actually work but it will work most of the time). Deuce 2 mentioned lowering the votekick percentage when there isn’t that many players. That may actually work but again it might be troublesome.

I had trusted for over a year now and have only seen one person abuse it (that person got warned and I remember another player temporarily losing their status for a month). Trusted players can abuse their status at any time, but people who get the role get it for a reason (they want to become staff, they get votekicked often which is my case, etc). Plus, trusted isn’t a role just given away. You gotta apply for it, they probably ask you more questions, and then they’ll consider accepting you. If you get trusted here you deserve it.

Raising the votekick limit to 95% is a horrible idea since you’ll need 30 players to kick someone. You have 2 people afk? Impossible votekick.
I think the best course of action is to keep trusted and the current votekick percentage (maybe try lowering it when there are less players online too). If there are people abusing trusted, report it and they will look into it. (bonus points if you have it recorded)