Lower Respawn Time

<@ei8htx> Gravy, start a thread
<@ei8htx> ask to lower the spawn time
About what
<@ei8htx> if no one says no, i’ll lower it

For all Servers

For what server? Or all servers?

I like this idea.
still waiting for the /n option in votekicks, because abuses are happening quite often.

Just makes it easier for spawn campers to rack up their ratio.

Is it possible to set spawn time depending on where you are shot?
For builder, having to wait 14 s in order to repair a tower under attack can seem endless.
Having people shot on “their” half of the map respawn faster might help.

I feel frustrated when having to wait 14 secs just to respawn…and then die immediatly to a camper high up in the walls

No, It makes it harder. In 14 seconds, I can empty most of a rifle clip, have time to change places, and reload.

Not really. 16 seconds is plenty of time to reload, change positions, or even wait patiently for the next wave, as Torch previously mentioned. If there was less time, the camper may only have enough time to do one thing. He may be able to reload but he wouldn’t be able to move. He might be able to move, but he wont have time to scout the area before the next wave comes in. Plus, the team that was getting spawncamped would be able to strike back faster, which is crucial in a game mode like Babel.

There have been many times where our team’s tower was taken out by 1 SMG that tunneled his way to our side, shot down a lot of supports, and took out the top part of the tower, all within those 16 seconds. Once the next respawn wave comes in, he can run away, unscathed. Having a shorter time to wait means that these people will have a lot more pressure. Because of the pressure, team play is more encouraged. If a squad of 3-4 people flank the enemy team, they will be much more successful than just one person trying to flank.

Holy crap what a mess, lol.

So would yall prefer an 8 second respawn wave time instead of the current 16?

EDIT: Not just hallway, all of them, including Babel.

8 second respawn on zombies mode is too fast, spawncamping humans in squads would never die out.

am not too familiar with other gamemodes but am okay with 16 seconds for babel

16 is what it is now.

I know, and i like it!

Im patient and i dun really care about spawn time, i think its ok already, or else most (if not all) servers, like babel, they would have disadvantage of CTF or watevs :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Spawn timers are fine.
Just die less

I feel like longer respawn times make the game a little more strategic. It makes your “kill” feel more like a kill and less just like teleporting people back 60 blocks. Also, with longer respawn times you have more time to trample upon people’s bodies. >:

You see, spawn time is okay for me, It sometimes pisses people when spawnkillers (people like me) kill them after spawn. But as Mr. Torch said spawn time adds strategy to the game and gives me a lot of time to teabag their faces.

I wonder who would do that…
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It should be lower. I mean, it is good to make strategy, but waiting 16 seconds just to die again is ridiculous.