looking for map saves from our build-only server

if you happened to manually save the map from the build-only server anytime after March and before September of this year, please please please upload it here… thanks

found a “good” save from August 8th, 2014:

this map has been restored and the server has been updated with a fixed script from ei8htx to prevent the loss of build history in the future.

AHH! Make sure nobody griefs the message about my Mazy…

Admins note that the map saves every hour, up to 100 copies (which comes to a copy every hour for the last ~4.4 days). Additionally, all autosaves at midnight (server time) are stored indefinitely. Manual saves (via /savemap) are also never removed.

Currently the platform stuff (anything you do with /b, /p, etc) is autosaved every 30 minutes and should also save via /savemap. This data is not backed up in any way (neither is the sector ownership info). Sector ownership (claim.py) saves live on a change.

Stuff you save via the SuperCool (platform.py) copy command (/qbcopy, /qbsave, /qbload) is stored forever; across restarts, reverts, or map changes. You can always copy a section of the map and do the save thing, then paste it back in. See the Aloha Build Server thread under SuperCool commands for more info. All users (builders+staff) have access to this command.

Use /savemap to save the current map (all 3 levels of staff can do this iirc).

Also, the server will automatically restart with the last save (auto and manual save overwrite the current classicgenstatic.vxl file as well as creating a backup appended with the date and time). No need to manually move stuff around on a server restart, so long as you saved (or a recent autosave occurred), restarting the server should load everything correctly without the need for manual intervention.

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