Look at what izzy said


That’s good news!
What is going to happen with the domain and what purpose will it’s going to have?

That’s great, I have to admit.
Also, it could possibly be a new site for the Classic clients. (1.x is GAHbirdge)

We could move our forums (maybe aloha and buildnshoot together?) to there. Also does anyone know how long jagex will have the name ‘ace of spades’ copyrighted for?

I think for about 4 more years.
Copyright clients don’t last really long.

4 years is a lot. we would be dead by then

I would be an adult, so that’s not a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

18-4= 14??? :OOOOOOOO

Well, almost an adult.

nah, 18 in canada qualifies as an adult.

yeah let’s move all 80k accounts from bns and 4k accounts from here to the old site
what could go wrong

I would be 17. :stuck_out_tongue: