Lone Tower on Infiltration

Lone Tower is, in my opinion, a horrible map, for players on both teams. Here are a couple of reasons why I think Lone Tower should be removed from the rotation:

Blue Team:

  • You spawn up high. If you try to get down, you take lots of fall damage, unless you make a staircase, which isn’t conducive to getting back to the fight to prevent it from getting worse once the tower goes down. If the map is not removed, please at least disable fall damage.
  • You are surrounded on all sides by greens with almost perfect cover who have line of sight to your spawn.
  • The early-to-mid game is spent getting to the base of the tower as fast as possible and shooting the people inside before someone shoots you in the back.
  • The late game is spent dying.
  • If a lucky blue escapes spawn, where the hell can he go? Greens spawn everywhere. When I do this I often go spawncamp one of the green spawns, maybe a person or three every fifteen seconds. Not that helpful, not that fun for me, not that fun for them. They all stack at the exact same point, too, so a SMG makes extremely quick work of them.
  • Cannot use grenades or dig to people without helping their cause.
  • After the tower is down, if you rush to the water and make a little wall so shoot from, people on the other side of the island can still shoot you. You can see from one side straight to the other.
  • Dying a second after spawning is no fun, especially with wave spawning.
  • Possible to win, but it involves spawning, shooting the guy with the intel while he’s still on the island, dying. Spawn, shoot the next guy, die. If your only focus is shooting the intel carrier, you’ll be shot down quickly. Just hope you can kill the carrier before he gets away. Not fun, but it’s the only way to (maybe) get a win.
  • If you care, your /ratio will go to nothing, even if you were doing well in prior and future maps.

Green Team:

  • In the early-to-mid game, everyone goes and saps the tower. Blue is fairly defenseless, there doesn’t have to be all too much skill as they are all shooting at the people inside the tower already. Breaking blocks is not fun or exciting.
  • In the late game you get a SMG, point it at their spawn, put a rock on the mouse button, and go make a sandwich or something. Not fun, except as target practice possibly.
  • If a blue somehow manages to escape the tower, he can set himself up by one of green’s spawns and spawncamp. You don’t often spawn at the guarded one, but as everyone stacks up in the same spot (not scattered around) you’ll die.
  • No building involved, the trees already give more cover than you need.
  • You can afk without cover at blue spawn after tower has gone down. You’ll probably survive for a few minutes.
  • Almost always wins.

I never have as much fun playing Lone Tower as I do playing the others. It is monotonous for both sides and very frustrating for blue.

I agree with this completely.
I have only played this map once with Enari, Skynet, and few of the Bastion
Even with all that skill stacked onto blue team, the tower did not last long and the spawn camping was near impossible to fight off.
The moment one of us switched to green was the moment we couldn’t dent the spawn campers anymore.
It is a fairly dumb map

INF maps with a bunch of trees really make me ponder which team is the defender (obviously the team with the intel holder, but you get what I mean) with all that cover.

I played it once, and then my team griefed it as well as did green team. GET RID OF IT.

Me and Tobi played on the map and I agree it should be removed, once the tower goes down blue team is fucked.

I win on blue team fairly often…

If you have a guy on top of the tower watching the intel, and one or two guys at the bottom killing green, and reinforcing and fortifying the basement, it’s not difficult to win.

Without a guard/mod/admin on blue, team griefing does make the map virtually unwinnable.

All that said, I’m not really attached to the map anyway.

I like Lonetower for some reason.

Get the intel to the roof then defend the tower. :wink:

the map looks really cool but i have to agree, after the tower gets griefed (which it always does) its just a slaughter. Being out numbered and surrounded the blues never have a chance :frowning:

Yeah. I usually just rush the intel after the tower is down just to keep the people not fast enough to hit 2 on round start don’t end up looking at dead bodies for an hour.

Lone Tower has been removed from rotation


I haven’t had many problems with this map, at least not enough to remember. Have y’all tried contacting the map designer and asking to edit it yourselves? Infliltration doesn’t have as many maps on the rotation as some players would like. There are probably a bunch of players who do in fact love that map. I think it’d be a better solution.

Honestly, I hate Omaha Beach on the rotation. I love the map in general, but with this game mode, I think it sucks. But oh well.

removed omahabeach from rotation as well :stuck_out_tongue: you’re not alone, a lot of people don’t like it on infil.

so, not many infiltration maps left…


i dont play infiltration much cuz i hate that there are not many really fun maps.
i hosted lone tower on my server a time. i loved it.

Perhaps make it so the blues can get to teh basement easier, while adding support beams to deter wall-griefing.

Maybe the water should do damage (not sure if it already does)? Green players rushed the tower in the back.