lol is this a prank or what

I’ve been banned in your discord server… Reason?

I cant find a ban with your name, could you pm me your discord account name?


Ah okay, an admin banned you for ‘spam’. If that doesnt ring a bell I can ask the admin the excact reason. He unbanned you a minute later. You should be able to rejoin.

who’s the admin name?

thanks for the answer, really active

ah yea could you please check also the fourth poll that I’ve made for being trusted? it’s been 2 years lmao

Its to the admin to come forward if they want to, in the meantime Ill speak for him.

This kind if message doesnt help anything and will only make me feel less inclined to answer you.

If we don’t respond to your trusted request in a month it means we have not accepted it.

stop flooding

look the last poster… i think you got your admin name right there ^