login command help

I try to login with my username and password,and it doesnt let me login i changed my password once.I even join and left sever didnt work.I was using login command on Babel.

Make sure you typed the password for aloha servers and not your forum password (unless you don’t have a server password)

But when I use the AoS password it still doesn’t work? :frowning:

For you, you’d have to type:

/login "[MFC] Dr_Boche" password

You have to put quotes around your username because of the space. You’d have to quote your password too, if it has spaces. For example:

/login "[mfc] dr_boche" "this is a passphrase with spaces"

I have tried that. Still not working. Is there anyway I can get an admin to try it for me and see if they can get my login to work?

Don’t put <> around it.

Thanks so much! Its working now! :wink: