/login command help

so recently i got unbanned from aloha and ive been really keen to use all your features, one of which is the login command. i succseffuliy logged in in-game with my forum credentials, and it gave me my kills and deaths along with a ratio. it also came up with “builder”
so my questions today are:

[ol]- how can i get the overall ratio back up in game? (not the /ratio one )

building of the last question, is there any command to elaborate more of your stats in game?

  • also can i see my stats in this website?
  • and last but not least, what does the “builder” title, mean and what can i do to change it?[/ol]

thanks for your time, i look forward to meeting you in game! :smiley:

Hey aceshooter!

The only way I know how to see your stats INGAME would be when you /login. I looked around for a command, but didn’t find anything. If I do end of finding something, I’ll let you know.

You sure can! On the top bar of aloha.pk, you’ll see “Aos Stats”.

If you click on that, you’ll see the server list. Scroll down a bit more to see the leaderboard/find your name and stats.

“builder”,“superbuilder”, and “superduperbuilder” correlate to regular player, trusted, and staff member. This type of rank means absolutely nothing. In the past, it was used on the build server. Different ranks of builders meant having more powerful build commands.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

Okay thanks so much!!!
i apreciate the help!
one last question, can i change my username from aceshooter99 to bigboy_eeb (in the forum that it)

Doesn’t superbuilder+ get the privilege of being able to destroy blocks on their own team’s side on babel?

I would contact a BK (danke, froe, izzy, etc) since iirc they are the only ones able to change usernames

I’ve made that confusion, too, but it’s been made clear that the “-builder” rank only matters on the now-defunct build server. Being able to destroy blocks on babel is a privilege granted to trusted+, and that’s that.

still being called superduperbuilder does sound funny :wink:

/leaderboard should give you your stats ingame last I checked

That works but doesn’t show your rank or username iirc but should show everything else

okay thanks ill contact them, can someone link the irc chat? (sorry i havent played on aloha for a long time, i forget everything ;3)
being able to destroy blocks on your side would be very convenient when building your tower, but being able to place blocks
at the enemy side would be even better.

ill chack /leaderboard.
thaks for the the help guys! im really starting to like this community :slight_smile:

http://aloha.pk/index.php?action=ezportal;sa=page;p=11 (irc webchat)

quakenet channel: #aloha

Well people shouldn’t really be able to destroy blocks on their side. We mainly have that ability so we can stop people from blocking the towers iirc since regular players aren’t allowed to destroy blocks. iirc not even admins can build on the enemy side but i could be wrong.

Players can’t place blocks on the enemy’s side. Otherwise, they could block themselves inside the tower and destroy it within, and the other team won’t be able to stop it because they can’t destroy blocks on their tower.

Should work on the two servers it was updated on, babel and counter-strike maps

yeah it works thanks