Livestreaming Ace of Spades

Hi guys!

I’m going to “attempt” to livestream Ace of Spades starting tomorrow at 1:00PM EST for approximately 2 hours. You can find a countdown thingy at the bottom of the post. I’ve been trying to make videos for AoS lately and couldn’t get anything out so I figured livestreaming might give me a bit of a push to produce content.

I’ve done a few tests and it looks like I should be able to do it so if all goes well it will hopefully turn out well. If you’re going to tune in to the stream, please give me some feedback as to how everything is going and how I can improve for next time. If all goes well and every seems to like it, I might turn the livestream into a more regular thing and probably do one once a week.

I’ll be playing probably aloha and minit only due to the fact that I know those servers the best but I’ll also be taking suggestions for servers in the stream. If you have questions or want to stay tuned, you can follow my Twitter at @Mstr_Zhang. If you have any tips please suggest them here so I can see since this is a totally new thing for me. I’ll post in the IRC a few minutes before I start to remind people.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not really good at the game so if someone like topo, Kodiak, or Koracookie wants to come kick my ass please do so. I don’t really mind 8D

I’ll also be showing my face on the stream so if you don’t know what I look like this is your chance to make crazy fan fiction about me.

Also, my livestream channel. The most important part of the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you all there!


I'll also be showing my face on the stream so if you don't know what I look like this is your chance to make crazy fan fiction about me.

I’m excited.

On a side note, fix your link to the count down!

sorry 'bout that. xpost from bns :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah. it turns out the camera option is not very resource intensive and i’ve always thought it was pretty cool to put one in.

Remember not to log in! :stuck_out_tongue:

I might show up for the second half of the stream, as I’ll only be arriving home at 2pm or so.

I’m considering whether or not to admin on the stream. I can cut the video for a few seconds to log in so if there are hackers I should still be able to get them. Then again, it might not be interesting to watch me ovl Color for 5 minutes while I make fishy faces at the computer.

Nah, don’t sweat it, if I make it on time I’ll watchdog unaliased whatever server you decide to go on so that you don’t need to admin during your stream.

Sounds fun, I will try to be there!

Oh I’ll be around for that so if you need help catching hackers I’ll alias up and help out Spring.

I would’ve loved to play and help out. Oh well. :-\

hey Craft lets stream together sometime. i wont be able to probably this month. but lets do it soon!!! i keep getting lazy with trying to make youtube videos. lets partner up :wink:

I’ll be there to kill CraftDinur unlike others.

Uuuuuuh I hope that I will be there.

Anyway, which version?

God dammit… ;_;

As always I’ll be happy if at least one person views my stuff :smiley:

Probably mainly 0.75. If people want me to play 0.76 I don’t see any reason why I won’t play it. I’ve noticed when I record 0.76 people will stutter around for no reason so if that happens I might not play 0.76.

Yeah whenever you’d like I’ll be sure to see if it fits my schedule :wink:

thanks to everyone who showed up for the stream and took part! thanks to everyone who watched as well! went pretty well for the first half then kinda strayed away from aos the second half. i might plan another stream some other time. this one was pretty successful and i’m happy with the amount of people who showed up! i’ll definitely see if i can get that echoing mic fixed for next time. other than that thanks for watching! i’ll post the highlights onto YouTube some other time for everyone to see.

Two hours on the air. Sounds like it would’ve been a marathon. Anyway, hope it went well for you. Sorry I missed it.

Ah Craft I’m sorry I didn’t make it man I got insanely lost in Papers Please for like five hours.

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glory to arstotzka. permit no kolechians.