Liberal Crime Squad - LCS

Sorta confused on how I’m going to be presenting this. It’s sorta inclined to a certain satirical audience though I think Torch might still like this.

“The radical terrorist group of progressive liberals strikes again! There’s sufficient evidence to accept the claim that the newly founded Liberal Crime Squad (LCS) has vandalized a University Genetics lab via releasing pseudo-normal mutants from their cages, graffiti, and theft of multiple lab coats! Is our Arch-Conservative country in danger? Will Congress have to pass a new War On Liberal Terrorism? Please notify your Policing department of any eccentric behavior!”

Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical open-source text-based modern strategic political RPG with bad pickup lines and bad graphics. You play as the founder of a left-wing terrorist cell devoted to saving the United States from its descent into Conservative Insanity though writing to newspapers, volunteering, playing protest music, seduction, flag burning, graffiti, hacking, kidnapping, torture, murder, brainwashing, and other common and uncommon activist activities.

Basically, you’re a terrorist group within America. If you’re below 10 years of age, a member of a conservative household, or live in the South you probably won’t enjoy this game as it has an ESRB rating of T (for Totally not Safe). If you’re a foreigner you might enjoy this game.

Yes, there’s killing in this game. You can take a Corporate CEO hostage and then execute him (or make him a sleeper agent if you can convert him quick enough). You can also kill Hippies for some easy EXP.

Also it was made by Tarn Adams, the guy who made some dumb dwarf game or something.

Keep in mind that this is a very complex game and if you’re stupid as hell you won’t win. Also the UI is shit, everything is hidden under a pyramid of different menus. I strongly suggest using the wiki.

Download here.
If you can’t find the download button there you’re going to have a bad time playing this game.

LAL i like games like that, with complex systems
Remember me Neo Scavenger/Dwarf Fortress, i will test, thanks

If you hate reading the wiki’s there’s a lot that you can “figure out” on “your own” through trial, success and failure.
There are some pretty important things that you should know to actually get further in the game (like Juice)
There’s lots of different ways to play and win so you really don’t have to read the WHOLE wiki.

And yes, this is a Toady One game, the same person who made Dwarf Fortress. (:

Police are OP as hell.
Also, how to save?

Yeah this game is hilariously unfair. Especially in Nightmare mode where all policies are at the Arch-Conservative level to where police, military, and government are all integrated into one omnipotent being and you can get put to death for spraying liberal graffiti. I suggest you play that mode if you haven’t already.

It saves automatically after each day, but you can press X in main menu to go on a Liberal hiatus.

Ahhhh how to load saves? I don’t wanna lose so much progress when op swat team attacks me.

It should automatically load it up as well, it load from the save.dat file in your game folder.

Unless the Conservative Crime Squad compromised your data and deleted your save.dat.

My sleeper judge gave me “leniency” through 4 consecutive life sentences.

You’re lucky, with a conservative judge you could have easily got 7 life sentences.

Curious to what your criminal record looks like though. If you press down at a squad member’s skill page you can get to it.

whole lotta credit fraud, murders, kidnappings, the usual stuff.
So are sleeper judges and ace lawyers useless if you turn into Pablo Esccobar?

I don’t think the law level of ace attorneys can overwhelm the evidence. Maybe if your squad member has a high enough law they can make a better case refuting the prosecution, but I have yet to do that. Sleeper judges will try to give a good jury in your favor and will make the prosecution less significant.

If you plan on committing treason and acts of terrorism, you’ll only need to worry about being able to replace your lawyer’s law skill with your much higher one.

How to go on 1 man ops? I don’t wanna have 5 slaves the entire LCS dragging down my stealth.

You can set up multiple squads of different sizes in the Review tab (pressing R in the main screen)
At the bottom of the screen in the review tab it shows some commands for different actions, one of them is the squad manager (i think it’s z but I forgot)

Nice, I got my very own militia, just freed everyone from jail. This game is really addicting.

I take it you took the guns and weapons route. You can do a lot with the persuasion and seduction skill. You can be in the most alarming situation and just use your Jedi mind tricks to bluff you way out, but you’ll still need a good get-away car. (I had just taken all the money out of the bank and a whole SWAT team burst in. I got away by saying everything was under control and they let me escape.)

I also have yet to look at the mods some people have posted

How to boost heart? I can’t talk to dogs anymore after a rather rough interrogation.

As far as I’ve found, there’s no way to directly increase your heart. Indirectly you can gain a juice level and therefore all your stats will increase. (I think this is the only way to increase any stat)
But by the time you’re interrogating and beating the shit out of the conservative bitches you’re probably not going to be at a position to get some easy juice since lots of activities have a juice cap.

Shucks, I think I’m at max juice (1000). Does excess juice help me in any way?

All excess juice is donated to Thirst Children in Need. So unless altruism benefits you materially, the answer is no.
Looks like your dog days are over, Apox.

How about if I execute hostages to lose juice, then kill enemies to regain it?