Lets make Aloha to {Aloha} Clan!! Izzy need to read it first

Only if u want to izzy

Heracles already got that idea, this is called copying others

I’m sure it was an independent idea

I am sure it wasn’t potas.

What would make you think that, HoboHob?

did someone delete my posts?

i hope not, filtering sucks


This guy seems like a copy-cat and immature. Just some of my first impressions.

Maybe it’s possible they had the SAME idea?

Since Aloha is running all these servers, it’s not like an Eisensteinian, massively huge leap of logic that they should form a clan.

maybe {Aloha} is for public, and [Aloha] is for admin and trusted??

how about this:

Forum member:
Guard: (Aloha)
Moderator: {Aloha}
Admin: [Aloha]

How about you call yourself whatever the hell you want, because honestly, we’re all a merry band of brothers here.

Good. I’m going to make another Delta clan because if there’s one thing I can tell you from years and years of gaming, it’s that there’s never enough Delta clans.



Let me reword that: use a clan-tag for Aloha (or don’t) if you feel so inclined to it, since Aloha’s not actually an established clan at all.

I think you get auto-kicked if you do like “[Aloha]” or stuff like that. Something like that, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got what I would loosely call a gaming clan called Apathy Kills, mostly for Battlefield Heroes although I haven’t played that game in ages. We’re pretty much the best clan ever…or the worst…I don’t know…

The clan motto is: “Join us…or don’t. Whatever.”

How about make a Aloha clan called [APK], [APK]=Aloha Player kills

i like both “aloha” and “apk”

why not use both? let people choose either one and use whatever brackets/symbols they want?