League of Legends

You know sort of Dota, sort of Smite and a little bit of magic (get it since some of them use magic). Ashe, Janna and Ezreal? Anyone here play?

Altafen. NA. Almost only free rotation. Unranked (Silverish).

My Favorite Champion Is Lee Sin. !!! :smiley:

1v1 me boi

DUHsoALEX. Platinum 3 Oceania.

I doubt many people here play on OCE though…

Username: Firecatx3
Rank: Im level 30 and I still have no idea of what Im doing
Fav champ: Lux and braum

Just added.

I love, Shen and Zed.

o gOD
* Scipio hides and calls for a aa ulti

Seriously tho lol sucks
Played it my friend played it and agreed dota 2 is way better

U wot m8.
Overall, dota 2 is for the tryhard competitive people, while LOL is kinda mostly for fun

Video, you laggy computer users


Clearly what do you prefer? Great graphics, detail and a back store (League of Legends) or a more competitive but lesser quality graphics (Dota).

Preference OP, plz nerf

lol you’re all noobs
play mlg noscope 360 headshot cs:go like me

  • MuffinTastic braces himself for the hate

My friend and I consider competitive matchmaking for tryhard mode. Pubs for fun, personally tryharding is fun with heros like windranger ( I Run a nasty offlane with wind but even nastier with a slardar and another ranged hero) and dota 2 being less forgiving is the fun. Second unlike lol dota 2 has every hero open to you at the start for free and you get free items for your hero (visual only)

So tell me now whats better


I made a club for League of Legends. I was able to grab the club name Aloha Player Killers and the tag ALOHA.

If anyone’s interested, shoot me a message on IRC.

LoL and Dota are good, but if you use iOS or some mobile thingy you can go download Vainglory.
Going to make a thread on it soon, if you don’t know what it is it’s a LoL Dota Combination mixture ish game I’d say it’s fun. Playing with real people is so hard for me considering my team that I’m on always sucks, I don’t wanna go for ADCarry when I can go slaying beasts getting some kraken on the lanes rking turrets until I destroy the vain solo. Heh.