Launching The Overhauled AoS Modding Section!

Calling all AoS Modding enthusiasts! The AoS modding section has been completely overhauled!

Explore the new changes by visiting the Ace of Spades → AoS Modding category, accessible from the left sidebar:

This overhaul includes:

  • A brand new AoS Modding homepage: with featured mods, easy-to-search mod types, and more!

  • A brand new easy-to-use submission process!

  • A standardized and organized mod structure!

  • The new @modding_moderators team, who’s in charge of keeping the section running smoothly!

  • A brand new Discord channel, #aos-modding-relay! Our bot will post all mod submissions into the channel, which will be relayed to any other Discord servers who follow the channel!


Submit any/all of your mods to help populate our repository

We can’t wait to see the incredible mod sumbissions!
Special thanks to @Danke and @Darion for their help in overhauling this section!

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