Last Team Standing Glitch

Theres a problem on last team standing. some people keep doing a glitch to make them get past the bars when the countdown hasnt even started yet. this needs to be fixed. Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks for the hot tip! We are aware of the issue and working on it. The issue is actually a pyspades issue i believe and hopefully it will be resolved soon

I have figured out how to do the glitch trough another player, which I do not wish to tell. I will not say how to do it directly trough the forum, if a admin or someone that is high of rank, Please PM me. I do know want to just post it to public where other people can use it.

Something similar happened to me when i was playing with Mojo yesterday. It was as if i was ignored at the end of the round, and I looked over and everyone was in the red cage. Meanwhile I hadn’t been touched since the last round. I saw it happen to someone else afterwards.

If you mean the round ended without you dying, that’s built-in. I think when the time limit has been reached, the team with more players wins.

No, my team won and everyone was transported back inside the cage except for me. I was standing near my base and there was a small shift of the screen when we won, but I wasn’t moved at all.

What in the…


I know Bucket and Izzy both know how it works, I found out on accident lol.

It has happend to me once but i just stayed still and ignored it.But some people use it as an advantage they go over to the enemy base and when the round starts everyone gets killed by nades and whatnot it gets very annoying i would hope it could stop someday and to stop people from using it as an advantage could we please warn them that if they dont stop they would get kicked(not permanent) but if they kept doing would an admin ban them for about 30 mins, I know one person (not telling names) who kept doing it and he/she was warned bybuket 2 times and other people (not me) were trying to votekick him/her and they wouldnt stop.Do please fix it.

Easy solution: Make the bars 2-3 blocks thick :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It also happens to me sometimes, because I use the windows button to do something else whenever I die, and when I come back, I’m sometimes out of the spawn, or dead under the map :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize that the post you’re reacting to is three months old and that this issue is resolved already?

Wait…the glitching has been resolved?
AFAIK this thread is mad ancient, but the glitching has still been there.
His post just reminds us of how persistent the problem has been…

its actually still a problem, getting out of spawn early,