Lag Theory

So I figured I’d clear some world fog and explore a little because nobody else was on. The server didn’t drop bellow 18 tps while i was flying around unexplored chunks which is always nice and there was no real notable lag compared to how it used to be. After some time of doing this i went to the gold farm to repair my armor and all of a sudden not 1 mob would spawn. I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for 1 pigmen to spawn and that’s why writing this. Is it possible dynmap is causing the problems we’ve been having recently? Mob spawning wasn’t a problem in the over world the entire time I was flying so I don’t know whats going on.

update: seems like the server is slowly spawning more and more pigmen as it catches up. no more than about 8 pigmen right now.

update: server wont spawn more after i killed those 8 pigmen. It only spawns more if i leave the nether altogether and then
return to the farm

update: giving up. still wont spawn 1 pigmen

When you were flying around it was probably spawning lots of mobs, (there are mob limits) so I think you have to wait for them to despawn. (Even if the chunks aren’t loaded in, e.g. If you die and all your items drop and no one is in the chunk, if you come back a year later the items aren’t going to be there.) I think it works the same way with mobs, but you can double check elsewhere just to make sure. Since I’m mislead and wrong sometimes. :slight_smile:

Well we just updated to 1.10 so the farm could have been broken.


It’s because of 1.10

Well we have the clearlag plugin to unload chunks. Server said only 3 chunks were loaded and those were in the nether. It worked just fine yesterday after I had just explored the mesa by my ship.

Mobs don’t work the Same as Items, Mobs despawn if there is no player nearby. If there is no player in a radius of 128 blocks, hostile mob will despawn immediatly. You also need to consider that there is a 60 seconds chunks unloading timer if you leave a chunk. that’s exactly why. Let time to the mobs to despawn. Hostile Mobs in the overworld aren’T the problem here. I think there is a different limit for overworld and nether on the server. Maybe with 1.10 something was borken. we’ll have to wait for Master Froelich161 to fix the issue.

[06/30/16:18:02:07] @shywolf91:Ferrari did 1.10.x break the gold farm?
[06/30/16:18:14:42] @Ferrari: Not sure shywolf91
[06/30/16:18:14:53] @Ferrari: It probably did though :stuck_out_tongue:
[06/30/16:18:15:13] @shywolf91:
[06/30/16:18:15:54] @Ferrari: yeah I read that
[06/30/16:18:16:04] @Ferrari: it was doing something along those lines in 1.9 though

We had 1.10 yesterday. I used the gold farm yesterday. It worked yesterday aside from the slime blocks timing being off.

Is normal mob spawning still occuring? Or is it all mobs that are not spawning anymore?

If it’s just the goldfarm which is not working, then it could be a change in mechanics or some other reason - but if it’s all mobs then it’s a much larger issue.

Mob spawning all around is becoming more and more unreliable and unpredictable, even in the over world. Shoosh and I both are experiencing massive lag spikes when nobody else is on such as chests taking nearly 10 seconds to open and rubber banding consistently. We’re at the point that people aren’t playing because it’s too laggy. A simple restart wont fix the problems any more. We need to evaluate every mod and part of the server to figure out what is going on or simply people will stop playing altogether. I’m about at the point of calling the server unplayable. It’s annoying to do the simplest tasks now. TPS dropped to 12 because i used a nether portal today. Teleporting causes massive lag when it didn’t cause noticeable lag before. The day before yesterday the gold farm worked just fine and then yesterday pigmen just stopped spawning. I cant find anything on the internet about 1.10 breaking gold farms or any other kind of farm. Something is not right with the server.

Consistent tps is 14-15 right now. It gets brutal when we teleport or go to the nether. Maybe its clearlag that’s causing all the problems? The timing is about right for when we started having problems. Anybody gonna care that the server is dying?

Afaik, Fro has the console

tps is back to 12. it’ll jump to 18 and then steadily drop back to 12. no mobs spawning in the overworld. can we get a restart or something?

I’m working on pinpointing the lag. Restarting really doesn’t do anything imo and i’ve already restarted once today after disabling the clearlagg plugin.