Lag spikes on LA server

Hey, was just on with one other person and both of us kept getting lag (rubberbanding) every couple of seconds. Both of us were located in CA and had low in game pings. Not sure if somethings up with server, but just wanted to let you know.

sounds like CPU lag, but the server might just need a restart because it’s been up for over 100 hours and memory leaks cause servers to get laggy after awhile. restarting it now.

let me know if the lag keeps up because there’s nothing i can do about hardware/network lag except move it to a different provider. just fyi the current provider restarts their machines on Tuesday mornings during the EA maintenance window to avoid this kind of lag, but if they’re overloading their machines the lag won’t go away unless we move so keep me updated.

I just played a game (around 19/32 players) and it was much better.