Lag on Hallway?

When I go on Hallway my ping is usually around 40 but just right now it is around 600. Other players are saying this is happening too. Is there anything wrong with ther server?

EDIT: It’s over 1000 now.

EDIT2: It was just 7000 and it disconnected me.

I’d say if your internet’s giving you 7 seconds of lagtime, check your internet.

It should be noted they test in MbPS, not MBPS or KBPS.

In any case, you’re looking at the ping, which is in milliseconds.

If you have a really low upload/download, however, then this can throw off the ping as while you can communicate quickly, you can’t communicate much information quickly.



Yeah…I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just my computer because in the chat everyone was saying they had extremely high pings too.

Saw me,I had once had a 35 second delay(35000ms)Which is pretty impossible befote I disconnected.

Lol. I’ve managed to do a full re-configuration to my router on top 10 arena maps (which took just under 1 minute), and I still hadn’t timed out. People called me a hacker though, because I didn’t rubber band back to my spot I was in, (before my router restarted itself); I went straight to the position I’d walked to, so it looked like I teleported. ;D