Lag Issues on Pinpoint

When i go on pinpoint i get lag near the spawn area. Even though i get 170ms it lags for me.
May someone tell me why this is happening.

For about 2 days now theres been some lag on hallway as well. First night was awful with my ping reaching 2000+ at times, but its plateaued and I’m stable at about 120ish instead of my usual 70-90.

Summit, I heard that you were using the name <@Summit> in-game.
If you don’t know, that indicates you are in the <@> clan.

If you’re feigning membership, please stop.
If you’re actually an <@> member, then please excuse my ramblings.

I’ve gotten this as well on Pinpoint. It’s a strange sort of lagging though; it’s more of a quick stuttering than any lag I’ve gotten before. And I’ve only experienced twice, for about 20 seconds each. Thanks for any help you can give us!

hes not an <@> member. The servers seem normal to me

No problems on my junk rig and no he is not a member.

On Hallway today, I actually thought someone was teleporting. there they were, and pow they are gone. Moved the mouse around alittle and they re appeared 5 to 10 blocks away. Super glitchy. Im sure Izzy knows about the issue but it is most likely a hosting issue from pyspades, not Aloha. If it is Aloha, i’ll personally drag Izzy by his ears and the servers back to the original Data Center. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s speedhacking, BucketheaD.

This made my day :slight_smile:

I really think buket got replaced.

EDIT: the ping for hallway is 200+. Izzy, I think the old data center was better.

Sorry, I was not specific enough. After following a few people, everyone was doing it. I removed myself from spectator mode and joined a team and i was doing it too.
So, either theres a laggy issue or we need to ban everyone, including myself, in there for speed hacking. Also AEM, why do you think I am not the real one??

Because of your comment on Anus and A Virus didn’t sound like you.

Never knew that was a clan.
I will change it to @Summit and not <@Summit>.

can you describe the type of lag? warping? delayed hits? what?

@summit would still kind of imply thAT you are im their clan

warping, izzy. warping.

i think it’s because they were running in debug mode. restarted both servers, is the problem solved now?

Yeah, it doesn’t lag that much now

Not always, when I’m lagging this is how everyone looks.
I notice the lag on Hallway, but not so much on Pinpoint.
EDIT: I don’t know if I was last on hallway before or after the restart, but it felt better. I’ll look again tomorrow.

I haven’t noticed the same lag since I got on yesterday - everything seems to be fine now. The only reason I thought to mention it in the first place was that it was different from any lag I’d experienced before. Everything was kinda stuttering forward very quickly.

But hey, if it’s gone now, I’m not worried. :stuck_out_tongue: