[KV6] My Mods [Requests are highly prioritized]

Hi! I mainly do weapon skins since everybody is using 2 pixel scopes. I am also taking requests, if you can put so many requests that I won’t even have to think ideas, that’ll be great. Got some feedbacks, thoughts, questions and requests? Leave them below!

Mods - Click the image to download. (Direct DL)

1860 Henry Rifle


Ooo! I sense a good modder out of you :slight_smile: Great job on this gun, I love the detail :slight_smile:

just 1 question, Are you gonna make diffrents reloading animations for your weapons?
Not that it’s a must have, just that it would be interesting to see these guns with a diffrent reloading.

i know nothing about scripting so it’s impossible. i can only make model.

Awesome, can wait to see more