[KV6][.75][Classic] Rhodochrose's shite

I make skins n stuff. Sometimes.

NOTE: These mods are saved under the name of the gun they are modeled from, you will have to re-save them as smg.kv6 or semi.kv6 etc. etc. If you think i should change this then just say so in the comments.

Attachment bs will be fixed later as I’ve just copy pasted this over.







211 V-Plasma Cutter.

[attachment=16]211 V-Plasma.kv6[/attachment]



Mini Nuke Grenade

[attachment=14]Mini nuke nade.kv6[/attachment]



Cod Assault rifle thing

[attachment=12]CoD Assault rifle.kv6[/attachment]


[attachment=11]Ballista-Sand cammo.kv6[/attachment]

Gol magnum

[attachment=10]Gol magnum.kv6[/attachment]





40K Flamer

[attachment=7]40K Flamer.kv6[/attachment]

The wasp

Steyr aug

[attachment=6]Steyr aug.kv6[/attachment]





Ares shrike

[attachment=3]Ares shrike.kv6[/attachment]

Older models:












I’m gessing all of them are for Classic AoS. Good job on the skins tho, they look pretty neat.

They look pretty neat.
Nice job!

crazy nice <3

Even though I don’t use any skins or packs, I really like the skins you made, they look well done, great job!

Oh yea, can’t edit stuff.

Hey, if requests are accepted, I would like to see some TF2 weapons.
Like the stock sniper rifle and an SMG. And possibly Soldier’s/Engineer’s/Heavy’s shotgun.

hold up,

I can’t make pink guns with that? what a bunch of bologne

Speaking of pink guns…
Where are my magenta guns, mate?

As in it seems I can’t edit the message to add to it. xD

It’s alright. lol

Welllll I was almost done with the TF2 rifle when I accidentally shrunk it. It’s dead to me now. Meby tomorrow.

It’s okay, I can wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those are nice skins, looks so classy and cool, Keep Going! :slight_smile:

Nice work!

Beautiful stuff once again <3

Only criticism: the mag for the AK 47 curves a little too much, making it look more like a banana than a mag. It’s a small nicpic I must say though. Great job on your stuff otherwise, though!

The winchester shotgun - the one at the bottom of the OP  ??? I fiddled with it a bit and got it working with openspades. One odd thing I did was edit the view.as to not render any of the sights, and use the WeaponNoPump's voxels as the sight. Here's the front end from the right. http://i.imgur.com/mcPQjWR.png  ;D
from the side, low res: http://i.imgur.com/yDiM6Q8.png

Installation instructions: Find openspades.exe, go to Resources folder…put the .pak there  ::slight_smile:

pak also has proper killfeed icon and, for DankSpades (the [client] post by dd in Workshop), scoreboard icon.

winchester_shotgun.pak (883 KB)

No offense,but you do realize the AWP is the Counter Strike Version of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum Series and there is An L115 AWM in the mod pack as well,right ?

Knew they were super similar and thought I removed it tbh.