IGN: KingS
Time: 00:00 (12AM)
Friday, the 2nd of december 2016 (UTC+1)
Offenses: esp + aimbot
Server: Babel


We can’t votekick him


this was me so here are some words

0:30ish is probably the sketchiest part imo. starting from around then the first shot onto Nill Bye looks like i line him up before i can see him, but that was me moving my aim closer to the middle of the spawn area just before i jumped - i was pretty much aiming at him by the time i saw him so it was an easy shot. that and the next two were just normal jumpshots on my end but it looks like i just teleported up on your screen for the 2nd and 3rd shots, which is probably due to packetloss. my lag has been worse than usual for the past week or two which has made it annoying trying to play any games at all really :frowning:

thanks for taking the time to report. it’s happened before that people weren’t satisfied with an explanation so if you’d like at some point we (or me + anyone else really) can record me playing from each of our perspectives for comparison so that you can see how different the views can be. i know somebody else did one a while ago but i can’t be bothered looking for it. normally wouldn’t bother offering but pretty much every time i’ve played lately people have thought aloha was giving me a free pass to cheat so i’m happy to do a little work to fix that