KillerBeeXD #21

Server: Cs maps
Time: Around 11:40 Pm (GMT+6)
Offense: Esp/Aimbot
PS: I think this guy is an imposter

Right now on Cs maps he’s playing and also hacking…

Last time you asked this I thought I already showed you, but I guess I forgot to.

People use pubolv in voxlap client by injecting it. In spectator you’re allowed to see a first-person view along with ESP guides to see if they are using them.

They record their own game through the eyes of other clients. It’s not always foolproof, but its the best thing we allow to spectate hackers.

Thank you for clarifying that to him Asame :slight_smile:

Edit: Road, it wasn’t really nice of you to bash at me on youtube for accusing me for hacking when you didn’t even know this