kevin & Vex

January 20, 2014 — 22:15 ~ 22:30

Reporting player for griefing. There was no adversaries, therefore no game.
That wasn’t the first time I saw kevin destroying buildings. The player maionese is witness in both cases.

Files: kevin1, kevin2

January 20, 2014 — 23:00 ~ 23:20

Reporting player for griefing, block spamming and team kill. There was no adversaries, Veneral said he was our visitor.

Files: vex1, vex2, vex3

Evidences can be found here: Dropbox - Error
(download for better resolution)
Map: Pinpoint, 1ctf, aos://1379434439:31887:0.75

Thank you.

Vex griefing again on Pinpoint map

Doesn’t look the guy’s greifing.
And from the looks of the pic, looks like the guy was alone, so you can’t really call it greifing if no one claims it.