Keep getting kicked on FFA extreme server?

I keep getting kicked when i play on the free for all extreme server, have intel and shoot the shotgun.
It wasn’t like this before when i first started playing FFX around 2 weeks ago.
Intel gives rapid fire ability, and with that ability i can shoot the shotgun like it’s a machine gun. I usually use it to shoot up/destroy building and barriers on the map but lately each time i just hold down the fire button for the shotgun i get kicked. I can rejoin immediately so it’s not a votekick…
Wondering if anyone is having this problem or experienced this?

Does it say “kicked” or “server disconnect” when it happens?

Yes! I was just about to post something about this!
Intel give you rapid fire so you can shoot real fast with a shotty, it says (name) kicked. rapid hack detected.
It doesnt matter because you can rejoin, but its a pain to get the intel again.

OIC, see, the rapid hack detector goes off if you break blocks too fast, therefore rapidfire screws you.

thanks for replies,

a pop up comes up saying “kicked”

I tested the other gun it doesn’t do that.
when i first played on FFAX server i could rapid fire the shotgun all i want and did not get kicked. I’m wondering did an admin change settings or something?

I haven’t played since starting this thread, it seems kinda pointless if I’d get kicked for that… dunno if it’s been fixed