An admin (Jyromefedx ) keeps disabling me from building and talking, and i literally have done nothing. Can someone tell him to FUCK OFF.

Jyro is a good admin. I respect his judgement.

You might take a look at these two threads for a reason why he might have muted and toggle builded you:


Still, that doesnt mean he can disable me from everything, just for talking to other people.

IF jyro could post here to clear things up that would be great.

Thank you for respecting my judgement.
Anus if it were up to me you would be perma-banned a long time ago for your colourful history of griefing, team kills, racism, sexism and homophobia,I can not perma-ban so I will use the tools I am given to isolate you and protect as many people as I can. I pride my self on quite swift and reasonable justice, but Anus you are BON {Ban On Site}


Use the tools you a given to protect players ? Are you on Crack ? i was not doing anything to anyone. So i think your a bit confused buddy. Sexism and Homophobia ? Not to sure about that, and racism, hmm i might of made the odd joke about calling someone whitetrash, or something like that. But im not a Racist.

Here’s the case Anus,

I’ve seen you get on and grief so many times. Basically, whenever I see your name, I immediately run a griefer check. And lo and behold, you’re probably griefing. If you ARE, I WILL disable your building, and probably killing while at it. Same applies for teamkilling or being excessively offensive on chat.

With that said, you generally just disconnect then quickly reconnect. In which case, I take that as you truying to dodge the disability, and I WILL re-disable you on sight.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with Jyromefedx disabling your build/kill as well. You keep dodging everything. I feel that, although you need to be physically caught griefing/tking before your building/killing is disabled (no pre-emptive disabling), such does not apply for people who try to dodge it.

if he evades the toggles, arent you allowed to kick/tban him?

Sorry Reki, you got in completely wrong, i did nothing, i didnt toggle dodge or any of that crap, i was actually playing the game then on chat i said, i ot the intel, then next thing im disabled from building and talking, but dont worry, im getting proof. you will see. Someone told me you can request to izzy for chat logs, so thats what i have done.

logs for what day?

@Alex I’m a guard >.<

@Anus If what you said was true…Jyrome, stop being so triggerhappy :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i thouht guards could tban

Anus, I’ve seen you trolling and bullying in the chat and I’ve seen you griefing and everything to annoy people. Stop trying to act innocent

That would be nice…though kicking would be just as good.

Shut yo face fool.

shut yo face fool

I am not trigger happy. And anus is about as innocent as Adolf Hitler. I know a great majority of us has seen all the mischievous atrocities anus has done, this is known fact and should not be debated. I suggest this thread be closed so anus does not get any more pleasure out of sturing up more conflict.