Just some games :P

This one i find it really fun to play and mess around, its called wunderworld

Atm it doesnt have much features, but its basicly a build your own level and play it.

You can put potions, lights, only one type of enemy, a gate which only opens when all enemies are defeated, a sword and so on.

You dont need a good computer to play this game, but if you are gonna build a really big map, its gonna be laggy for you, depending on your computer of course.
I am still messing around with it :3

Next one is named You are the road


It is basically a racing game, but this time YOU are the road!
You control where the road goes with the mouse, up, down, left and right.
You can also make random green blocks appear wherever you click.

Each car has a different color and they express the emotions listed on the right depending on whats happening to them, so its just something to mess around when you are really bored and want to make some cars explode!

Again, no need for an extremely good computer.



I found “You are the road” before this post, i loved it to. :3