Just another day on the Tower of Babel server

by Drebbel and Art:

from ei8htx:

see moar screen shots here.

if you didn’t get the memo: Tower of Babel is an Ace of Spades Classic game mode all about building to the sky and returning the intel from it before the enemy does. to play look for “aloha.pk tower of babel” on the BuildAndShoot.com server list (also on the front page of aloha.pk) or enter the following URL directly into your browser: aos://1379434439:34887


Very colorful and neat. It’s not common to see these in tact or someone willing to build these.

Was with drebbel. There were around 4 players (max) online so it was easy to build nice buildings. :stuck_out_tongue:

added your name :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I wish I could see more things like this when I’m on Babel.

Hey ! I just added like 5 lines, so this building is entierly made by Drebbel :smiley: !

I usually go to babel just to clean the stairs when people make their penises on it.

This was just recently made by Swish


Wow! He’s got some skills.