Just a few questions

What are the requirements to be an admin?
And how you guys add admins?
I mean…is there a SteamID for AoS?
Or you add admins to the IPs?
What if someone had a dynamic IP?

That’s all.
Sorry for bothering :smiley:

Captain Donatello.


Not really any in particular. We mainly look for people with a good attitude and people who are mature. It also helps if you’re well known in the community so we know your personality a little better.

How to add Admins:

To add admins we create you a password and add it to the existing list of passwords on pyspades. You’ll be PM’ed with your password if you’re accepted.

That’s only the basic gist of it. I’m sure the whole thing is much more complex if you put your head into it.

Here ya go. :slight_smile:

Yup, you get pm’ed.

Yah you do get pm’ed, accepted or not. Takes ROUGHLY 2-4 months.

Actually, it all depends on how much admins see you in game and IRC. Could take 1, 2, or 3 months. Very rarely over 3 though. Mine took a little less than 2 months.

My first on took over 3, and im nearing 1 month on my second app.

My first app took 4 months.

Aight thanks guys that’s all i wanted to know.
I’m actually not gonna do an admin app cuz i started to get bored of AoS lol i just wanted to know how the admin system works in AoS

OK cya guys later.